Frederick Collins
Officer of the Day - Navy

Duty of the Officer of the Day
Among the duties of the Officer of the Day, he shall:
A. Be the custodian of the Post colors, altar flag, Bible, ballot box, gavel and such other Post properly as is incident to a Post meeting.
B. At the beginning of every meeting, cause the official membership dues receipt card or life membership card of every member present to be inspected.  He shall instruct comrades who may not have paid dues for the current calendar year and, as a result, do not possess an official membership receipt card, to immediately pay the required dues to the Quartermaster.  In the event the member does not have an official dues card receipt or life membership card in his possession, but claims that his dues are paid, or were remitted, the Officer of the Day will ascertain the membership status of the comrade from the Post Quartermaster.  Unless dues have been property remitted in accordance with the By-Laws or Manual of Procedure, delinquent members will immediately pay dues to the end of the current calendar year or leave the meeting room.  The Officer of the Day must not permit a member whose dues have not been paid or remitted to the end of the current calendar year to remain at a Post meeting.
C. Prior to a meeting, have the Post colors in position to be properly presented, the altar properly decorated with flag and Bible and all officers? stations in proper position and in order.  He shall, with the assistance of the Color Bearers, present and retire the National Flag and Post Colors and properly present and introduce distinguished guests.
D. At the close of the meeting, assure that all Post properly under his control is properly and safely taken care of.
E. At the direction of the Post Commander, prepare the ballots, permit only those to cast their ballots who are qualified and observe that the balloting is done in a secret and proper manner.
F. To the best of his ability, carry out the orders of the Commander and the Post and perform such other duties as may be usually incident to the office or may from time to time be required of him by the laws and usages of the organization or lawful orders from proper authority.